Sunday, June 17, 2012

Father's Day DIY Frame

Happy Father's Day! Its been a great weekend here :) Little Man and Baby Sis got their dad an air compressor and the hubby was so excited! Power tools are the way to a man's heart!

But I wanted to also get him something a little more sentimental too. We have yet to have professional photos done with the 2 kids so I dressed them up one morning and sat that on the couch to try and catch a couple of nice candid shots. Turns out - we got a few really good ones! So what would be a better gift than a framed pic of his two kiddos?

I had a so so Target clearance frame that I decided to just spray with Chalkboard paint. Super easy - 2 light coats and a night to sit and we were ready to go! Since the entire frame was pastel pink I then flipped the frame over and gave it a coat of Gloss Black on the back to make a bit more finished looking. A quick run over with chalk and we were in business!

PS - The pulls are on and looking OUTSTANDING! Here is a sneak peak until its inside and styled!

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