Thursday, June 7, 2012

Primed and Ready for Fun!

So tonight was a great night.... both kids into bed by 8:15 and a nice dinner of chili that I made yesterday for no real clean up! That left me with plenty of time to get the dresser primed! I also had to remove a couple of the support pieces since we are taking out the top row of drawers. A rubber mallet and a furniture renovation are a great stress reliever!

I used the basic Zinsser Primer and was able to get on a quick coat in about 30 minutes after I sanded a couple of spots I had to come back to with the wood filler. So here is where we are as of right now... the real fun begins tomorrow with the first coat of paint! I am so excited to see how it looks!

On a side note - I was grabbing some neccesities at Target today when I happened upon 2 of these adorable baskets on the clearance aisles! Over a foot in diameter and 17 inches tall! Originally $39 and marked half off! Still alot for baskets but these are so big and I think that they will work perfect in the family room on either side of the dresser for some extra storage!

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