Monday, October 29, 2012

I heart Felt!!!

Many months ago I found this adorable cork board for less than $10 in Home Goods. I also found out that week that we were moving so I refrained from hanging it up! I guess that everything happens for a reason, since I was inspired to enhance the cork board and I think it works even better now!

My sister had plans to make a felt board for her daughter so we made a trip to Joann's and she got lots of cool colors to use. I was still focused on Halloween costumes and bought boring primary colors (and lots of it!) The next day, the costumes had been completed and Little Man was dying for something new to play with and I knew just what to do! He helped me make his new toy.

Lots of Felt
Hot Glue Gun, Scissors, Cutting Tool
Corkboard or Picture Frame
Print outs to create felt pieces
Accessories for felt pieces (pom-poms, eyes, etc)

 What a great assistant!

1. I opted to make a day and night felt board so we used blue and yellow as our background. Your choice on colors. I also think that doing a 4 seasons one would be super cute! Glue the felt to the board. I opted to cut it down to size after gluing using a craft blade.

2. Take a sheet of green felt. Cut it in half lengthwise. Then fold that piece in half. Now in the middle cut jagged edges to make grass. You are basically cutting zig zags in the middle.

3. Use your craft blade (or razor blade) to trim off the excess felt from the background.

4. Hot glue the green grass over the background.

5. The base of your board is now done! It's time to make some felt pieces! I used a clip art program to print out some basic shapes, letters, and animals. I then traced them onto the felt and cut them out. I added eyes, pom poms, layers, etc!

Here is what it looks like when finished. I have added some more felt pieces almost daily as we think of new objects.... a whale, a dinosaur, and a bat! Little Man loves his felt board and I love that it he was able to help create it!

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  1. This is super cute! I made a Christmas tree and little ornaments for the kids. I hope they love it! I love this though, it can be used all year round.