Saturday, October 27, 2012

Roping up a Quick Drapery DIY

One thing I have learned thru the process of selling our home is that things move fast. You get an hour of notice for a showing, you can get an offer in less than 3 days of being listed, and you can be back to square one, just as fast! So when my phone rang last night at 6pm (after a full day of no showings and letting the kids tear up our neat house) I fully expected a showing request for 7pm.... Thankfully, the call was for a showing in the am and I would be able to spend a little more than an hour getting the house cleaned. Aaaahhhhh! The small blessings in life!

I adore Little Mans room... But I have been aware that some parts of the room were making the room feel smaller. I had 3 tasks on my list to help the room look larger in the hour we had before bed time.

1. Down with roman shade. It was making the room look way too dark.
2. Out with the rocking chair and table. With 2 twin beds, the room was looking over crowded.
3. Take down the drapes over the closet. The dark navy was also making the room appear small.

The hubby made quick work of moving the chair out and I got started on removing the roman shade and drapery hardware from the closet. then, I popped the folding doors back on the closet. Things were starting to come together but the window really needed some help. I had planned on putting the drapery hardware from the closet back over the window (where I had removed it from just a few short months ago!) but with the window until bedtime quickly closing, I decided to improvise!

Here are some quick before shots:

View into the room with the roman shade

View towards the closet

Above the window after we got a little crazy with the Spackling! The big spots are from 
patching up the hardware (and now I need hardware up again!)

Screw in Hooks
Tape Measure

1. Measure out the space that you need covered. For us, it was 2.5 inches down from the ceiling and 2.5 inches past the window. Mark your spots.

2. Screw the hooks into the wall. I chose to do 3 screws to ensure that it could hold up the fully lined black out drapes (they are really heavy!)

3. Stretch your rope out and knot it about an inch wider than the space you are looking to cover. This allows for the rope to slightly hang from the hooks. If you want more of a hang tie it wider, less of a hang tie it the exact length of the hooks.

4. Feed your drapes thru the rope and then wind the knots around the end hooks and thru the center hook.

And now for the after shots....
The room feeling bigger and brighter without the shade.

What a huge difference it made getting rid of the chair and bringing back the closet doors!

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