Friday, October 19, 2012

Polly wants a Tutu... Part Tu

Yesterday I completed the main part of Fi's Halloween costume, the tutu. It is adorable and I cannot wait for her to wear it! But I wanted to add something more to make it more of a costume than just a tutu and also to make it more obvious that she is a parrot!

I started on the parrot part. I thought that adding a parrot applique would help to solidify what she is! Do you know how hard it is to find a parrot applique? Thanks to a sale on felt at both Michael's and Joann's, I decided to make one! Red, Blue, Green, and Yellow felt and I was ready to try it out.

I googled parrot applique and found a cute one I liked to use as an example.

Then I cut out the body and traced it backwards onto the red felt. I did the same for the beak on the yellow felt. I free handed the wing feathers and cut those out too.

Here it is all hot glued together (minus the blue jewel for the eye)!

This left me wondering where I should put this adorable little parrot? I was planning to have Fi wear a headband so that was a definite option but I also liked the idea of putting on the body of the costume. What to do???? Before I get ahead of myself I need to get that costume body finished!

I had three options: the crocheted top, a long sleeve onesie, or a DIY red knit top. I had issues with each of them! The crocheted top was impossible to find in red. The only red onesie I could find was screen printed. And well - the DIY I would have to make! Here is what it is all looking like....

The crocheted top... Made using 2 crocheted red headbands with the satin ribbon and parrot as accent.

The DIY Top... Using a stretchy red, knit. I simply hand stitched a band of fabric so it was gathered. Then I added the satin ribbon near the tutu.

Again the DIY Top... with the satin ribbon and the parrot applique. 

I have pretty much decided against the onesie, unless we randomly get a cold evening on Halloween. I am loving both of these options. But am still stuck on which one! And then should the parrot go on the costume or on the headband... or both??? I could easily make another one.

Headband with just feathers. 

Headband with feathers and parrot applique.

What do you think??? Crochet or Band top? Parrot on costume or headband or both? Can you tell that she is supposed to be a parrot?

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  1. So adorable! My secret dream is to have us all be characters from the movie UP for Halloween some day. Right now I cannot get anyone on board with that plan. Anyway, I want my daughter to be Kevin... this would be an awesome way to make that costume. She will be the cutest parrot on Halloween :)