Thursday, October 25, 2012

MIA....House on the Market & Sleep Regression

If you had asked me awhile ago how I thought things were going, you would get a very different answer than today! The house has been shown like crazy (we are talking almost daily), 2 offers (that both had finance issues), and my wonderful little sleepers are not so wonderful at sleeping right now! I fear the the sleep issues are a result of the schedule changes from showings. Naps have been skipped and bedtimes pushed back to allow the house to be shown at 1pm or at 7:30pm at night. It's been brutal all around and I am ready for it to be over! Did I mention that I am back to falling asleep within 2 minutes of sitting down? So I find myself waking up at about 4am after several hours of sleeping while sitting up in the rocker in Fia's room after her night time feed. Yeah - It's been great on the neck and back too!

No naps and late bedtimes also mean that get zero time to do any DIYs! Not that there is much I want to do in the way of Home DIYs. I have closed the book for this house and there will be no more money or time dropped here! Thankfully there are plenty of kids crafts and seasonal decorations that I can work on!

Tomorrow, I will debut a super cute and easy one kiddo kraft that can easily be switched up year round!

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