Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Paint on a Pillow???

I am beyond thrilled to be off of bed rest! It has been nice to try and take some time to relax but man is it hard. Not being able to do anything! With a toddler and a very hairy 100lb dog, daily vacuuming is a must and it has been brutal seeing the fur tumbleweeds and toddler trash on the floor and not being able to do anything about it...

I have been spending lots of time in Baby Sissy's room trying to get organized, hospital bags packed, etc. The more time that I spent in there,the more I love the serene color scheme. It did jump out to me that I was missing a couple of accessories so I took it on myself to complete my first post bed rest project for her nursery!

Since our bedding is custom (thanks to Grandma Gigi!) I really wanted to add some pillows that pulled together the lilac and pale aqua colors. Grandma is working on 2 floor pillows using the bumper and window treatment fabric and I started work on another one.

I happened to have an old white cotton throw pillow cover from West Elm that I was no longer using. It was just screaming to be recycled! I know that it's somewhat over done but I love all of the chevron pillows on the blogs and Pinterest! And what better way to incorporate the two colors than by DIYing one!

I started off by washing, drying, and ironing my pillow cover. Then I put on a coat of aqua paint across the entire front of the pillow. I chose to use Martha Stewart Multi Surface Craft paint that was being clearanced at my Michael's store. I was surprised at how well it covered and I am pretty sure you could even paint over pillow covers with a design on them. I let the paint dry for about 4 hours and then set off on the fun task of taping off the chevron pattern on the pillow. I probably went about it the slow way but in the end I got it finished!

I taped a criss cross pattern across the pillow. Then to make sure I kept and cut the right pieces, I used a Sharpie to draw on the tape that would form my chevron. Then, I got out my trusty scissors and started trimming off the excess tape. Once the tape was all cut and everything looked good, I went over the tape to make sure it was tight on the pillow. Then it was time to paint the lilac. I used a foam craft brush and tried to follow the tape lines so as to not have the paint bleed or get under the tape.

I waited just a few minutes and then carefully pulled off the tape from the pillow. I was pleasantly surprised how good it looked! The lines were pretty crisp and the paint did not bleed or run at all! I left the pillow cover to dry overnight and then I excitedly checked it out the next morning and quickly stuffed the filler into it and ran to try it out in the room...

And.... I must say that I love it!!! It really helps to pull everything together and give it an unexpected pop too! I did notice that the chair where the chevron pillow will reside could use another small lumbar size pillow but that will be covered tomorrow!

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