Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Brought to you by the letter J and the Number 2!

As I mentioned - little man's second birthday was a huge success and luckily for me I had most of it well planned in advance since I was still on light bedrest for it!

Scouring the internet and Pinterest I found so many easy and great ideas to make this a really cute party with a Cookie Monster theme since he is my son's favorite Sesame Street character ever since he got Farmer Cookie Monster for his 1st Birthday.

The one project that really sold me was the adorable Cookie Monster (and many other SS characters too!) cupcakes that are seriously the cutest things I have ever seen! Surprisingly - they are not to difficult to make. Thanks to the help of my mom for coming over and actually baking the cupcakes I was able to sit down and get started on the necessary Cookie parts - like dotting his eyes and mixing the blue frosting!

I used the White Chocolate Candy Melts for the eyes and actually used a tube of black squeeze frosting with a thin tip to make the eyes. Cookie has googly eyes but that is all in how you place them so its just a matter of dotting all of the eyes in a similar location and using a similar amount of frosting! We made 24 cupcakes so I did 50 candy melts and let them dry for about 20 minutes. Next I got started on the blue frosting using a pre made tub of Buttercream frosting. I have read that the gel food color is the best to use but of course being on bedrest I was limited to the old school blue drop type. I did happen to have some black gel color so I used 40 drops of the blue and about 2 drops of the black gel. I would have liked a more rich blue but I still think that they turned out great! Next I used Chips Ahoy cookies and just broke them in half for Cookie's mouth. It was challenging to get some to break right so I also got a nice snack! Once the cupcakes cooled - I did find that it is best to cut a slit in the cupcake for Cookie's mouth prior to frosting. And now comes the fun.... To make the frosting look like fur I used frosting tube with a star tip. I happened to have a really small frosting tube and had to refill after every 2nd cupcake. I basically squeezed little stars all over the top of the cupcake, pushed the cookie into the slit that I cut, and added the eyes. And here is the finished product! Everyone loved them especially Little Man who still talks about them!

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