Wednesday, March 21, 2012

I Love... A Super Easy Pillow

I am a sucker for an easy DIY project, especially with all of the more involved things I have been working on lately (or maybe they seem more complex with a nasty case of 9 month pregnancy brain!)

So I began a search for he perfect accent pillow to sit with my newly completed chevron pillow. I wanted something simple to contrast the heavy pattern and likely with a white background. I decided to check out Etsy for some inspiration and searched for 'lilac pillow'. I cam across lots of great ideas but the ones that really spoke to me where the plain white pillows with the wording or monogram across them. And since we don't have a name yet the monogram was not gonna work! So a word pillow it is!

This might have been one of the simplest projects I have ever done! Basically all you need is a plain pillow cover and some felt. I happened to not have any felt at the house in white, so Little Man and I took a trip to Hobby Lobby and what do you know they have craft felt that already has paper backed adhesive on one side! Super easy for applying to my pillow but also much easier to trace my wording on to as well. I also knew that I would not be able to find the right color felt to match the purple or aqua used in the room so I went with white felt and planned to paint it using the craft paint I also used for the Chevron pillow.

We got home and it was naptime which meant that I got to work right away. I used power point to print out the word 'love' in Edwardian Script in bold in a 500 font. I that its a cursive, girly looking font! I then  cut out the word from my paper and traced it on to the back of my felt making sure that the wording would be right side up! Then came the fun task of cutting out the felt word. For the most part it was pretty easy except for the holes needed for the 'o' and 'e'. I ended up cutting thru both of the letters to make it easier and the felt seems to hide the cut well. Then I used the Martha Stewart Multi Surface Craft paint to paint 'love' in the lilac shade. I opted for the lilac since the aqua is so light that I thought it might not stand out enough. I used a foam brush and just dabbed the paint on. The felt got a little fuzzy when doing this but once it dried it looked great!

I was looking to add this to a small solid white pillow and I looked around to buy one but I could not see spending $20 for a basic white pillow. Target to the rescue! I happened upon a 4 pack of wrinkle and stain resistant 20x20 white napkins for $4.99! These are perfect for making big pillow with a trim or in my case folding one napkins over to end up with a mini pillow. My sewing machine has been broken for ages... so I thought about using No Sew tape but in the end opted to just hand sew it. (I must say that this was exacerbated by the fact that I was having as close to real contractions as I have had this pregnancy about 7 minutes apart and the sewing proved to be a great distraction as I waited to see if this was the real thing or not from 8-11pm on Tuesday night!) The pillow was finished that night and I just had to wait to morning to add the love...

Wednesday morning came (and no baby!) so I excitedly added the wording and placed it on the rocker in the nursery to check it out. I think that its the perfect complement to the chevron and I LOVE it!!! Plus it was so easy! I have some leftover felt and I am now trying to decide what else needs a felt applique!

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