Friday, March 16, 2012

Custom Campaign Style Entertainment Center

We recently made some big changes in our master bedroom (that's its own post!) and one the biggest changes was deciding to relocate the bed in front of the window. Our master is very large but its shape is a long rectangle with the main focus windows being on the far short wall. It was very challenging to ever feel like the room was balanced when you walked right into the end of the bed!

So we made the move.... and we love it! But of course - moving the bed meant that we had to move the rest of the furniture too! So we were left with a wall mounted flat screen TV and no place to store the needed components (yes - I know there should be no TV in the bedroom but the husband and now Little Man love it!) I did have enough foresight when we originally installed it to keep it on the wall opposite the door to the master so at least you don't have it as an eye sore when you walk into the room! But I digress - the issue at hand was needing a small and narrow piece to basically just hold our TiVo, DVD player, and other TV neccessities. I set out on a mission to just buy something that could maybe be painted or would work as is..... no luck on that front without shelling out some cash or taking on a big DIY project.

In the midst of this - I was also working on my closet cleanout project. I had a cheap pair of Target MDF wooden looking show racks in my closet that were on the way out (none of my 3+ inch heels would fit in the shelves!) when it occurred to me that this would be the perfect piece to sit below our TV! It would give me the needed 3 shelves plus it was the perfect width and depth with an open back to let me plug everything into the wall! PERFECT!

The two sets of shelves originally just connected with wooden dowels but I wanted to give them a quick coat of wood glue too to make sure that everything stayed in one piece.

Isn't this just perfect for storing Entertainment components? I could also see this working great in a playroom for housing games and toys!

I was not a fan of the maple wood colored finish - so I called on my trusty friend... spray paint to give this a major face lift! I chose a beautiful teal color called Rustoleum Night Tide in Gloss that happened to be on clearance at my local Home Depot! After three light coats, I was so excited with how it was turning out! Such a bold color!

I am currently obsessed with Campaign style anything and I thought that this would be the perfect piece to try a little DIY. I bought 3 sets of the silver corner brackets from Home Depot and attached these to the front of the shelves. This also made me feel better about holding the pair of shelves together!

So for less than $10 - I ended up with a perfect little storage unit for our master that perfectly meets our needs. I am a little sad to say that I had another set of these that I threw away just a few months ago because I think that it would have looked amazing to have 2 of these side by side in our room.... you live and you learn! So here is the finished product. Please ignore the dangling chords that need to be re-fed into the wall.

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