Thursday, March 1, 2012

This is my punishment...

Well, I am being punished for pushing a little too hard! Last Friday, I had the joy of making a trip to Labor and Delivery following an appointment to my OB to be checked or interactions. They were coming on pretty strong on Thursday evening (6 an hour until I went to bed and then about 2 an hour once I layed down). Knowing that I did not want to be in the ER over the weekend or in fll fledge labor at 34 weeks, I got into my doc before they close at noon on Fridays. My mom met me up there to watch little man while I to checked... 2 hours later I was sent to L&D following 7 contractions in less than an hour of being monitored.

Thankfully, some fluids and 2 injections of terbutaline stopped my contractions and I was released that evening with a prescription for Procardia and bed rest orders. Bed rest sounds like a wonderful thing but with an almost 2 year old, a birthday party to prepare for, and a house to keep clean.... It's kinda not! I have been so blessed o have the help of my family every sinle day with not oly my son but also the house and party planning! It will be a week tomorrow and so far so good. Only one episode of 6 contractions in an hour and the meds totally stopped them.

Today was little mans second birthday and it was very low key. He got a toddler trampoline which is great for wearing him out when we are inside! He also had his first haircut! He aw a champ and looks so grown up without his shaggy waves! We are having a family party on Saturday featuring lots of DIY Cookie Monster projects!

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