Thursday, March 15, 2012

The Number 2!

I must admit I am sucker for getting the perfect photo to capture a birthday, wedding, new baby, etc. So on the list for Little Man's birthday was to find or create the perfect shirt to photograph him in for his birthday party.

As always, my first stop was Etsy. I found a ton of really cute Cookie Monster birthday shirts but for nearly $20 and a close to 2 week wait time nothing seemed quite right. My mom happened upon a really cute aqua/ teal colored Cookie tee at Target that we snatched up but I still really wanted something more personalized. So I decided to make something myself!

The hardest part might have been finding a plain tshirt to use! I sent the husband and Little Man to Target with hopes to find something usable and the only options they had were a white or gray one with a pocket on the front. This would have to work since I could not run around and look for more options! So as I sat on bed rest, I ripped the pocket from the gray shirt. I was pretty nervous that it might show on the shirt but after a quick wash and dry all was good and I was ready to get started.

I decided to just do a large number 2 on the front of his shirt but was still undecided on the fabric or style I wanted. I opened up my scrap bag of fabrics to find 2 options... a black fabric with blue, yellow, and green polka dots and some of the jersey sheet material left from the DIY Roman Shade improv in a heathered navy blue. I had seen a really cute Letter shirt (linked below) that made me want to try the solid fabric first.

Made Sprinkle Shirts

Well - lets just say that when taking on this type of project - a jersey sheet material is too flimsy to make this work. So Try #1 was a fail and I will spare the pics that prove it!

So onto option 2...

Solid Tshirt with no pocket
Fabric for Letter or Number applique
No Sew Tape & Iron
Constrasting Thread & Needle

1. Wash and dry shirt and fabric
2. Create a template for letter or number. I used my computer and about a 200 font to get the right size
3. Cut out the template
4. Trace the template onto your fabric. Make sure the pretty side of the fabric will have the letter/number facing the correct way
5. Cut out the letter/number that you just traced
6. Position the letter/number on your shirt and use the No Sew Tape to apply it (technically you can stop here - but I wanted to add a little something more!)
7. Using the contrasting thread, sew the letter onto the shirt using wide and thick (visible) stitches.

This shirt turned out so cute and the colors tied in perfectly with our Cookie Monster theme! And Little Man was all smiles wearing his special number 2 shirt!

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