Thursday, March 1, 2012

Fat Tuesday Tastiness

It was another wild weekend at our house! My baby shower was hosted by my amazing sister at my house on Saturday. Two of my best friends made the trek up and spent the weekend with us celebrating too! I am beyond thrilled to report that I got EVERY single thing on my to do list finished by mid day Friday and even managed to squeeze in a pedicure (my first in nearly a year!)

The shower was beyond incredible with lots of personal touches that I will cover in a special post later this week.... But let's just say she way outdid herself!

So I have been quite lazy the last few days since I feel like its been non stop work trying to get the house and nursery mostly finished! And since the husband was off for Presidents Day on Monday we took a morning trip to the zoo with little mans girlfriend and her family. It was a it chillier than we realized so did not stay very long but still had a fun time!

That afternoon I had my 33 week doc appt and I am again measuring about 1.5 weeks ahead so I am getting an ultrasound in 2 weeks to check out her size. That appt is the one I never made it with little man so fingers crossed I get to see her on ultrasound before she makes her grand entrance!

To celebrate Fat Tuesday, we stayed in our pajamas all day and made a homemade king cake. Little man had so much in helping to mix and bake and finally ice and sprinkle it! This is a yearly tradition that we will be continuing! I found a great recipe and while it was time consuming to let the dough rise twice it was super easy to make. I even dumped in some leftover oonut and M&Ms to the filling! Can you say yummy?

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