Thursday, March 15, 2012

More Cookies Please!!!!

I probably should have outlined this project first but really cupcakes are always so much more fun than anything else so I got a little excited!

After I decided on the Cookie Monster theme (thanks to the cupcakes - but prior to actually making them!) I set off to try and find some cute invites. We opted to do a smaller family only party this year since it was so close to my due date (good thing since I ended up on bed rest!) so we only needed 8 invites. I checked all of the local stores and nothing really jumped out at me. The closest I found was a Sesame Street one but I really wanted just Cookie. So I looked on the internet - Etsy had some adorable ones but since we needed so few I hated to spend close to $20 on them. And suddenly I stumbled upon an adorable idea.... handmade Cookie Monster invites! This was a perfect idea since we needed so few of them and would be a fun project to include Little Man in on too!

Terrycloth Cookie Monster Invites

I opted to vary ours just a bit to use what we already had in the house so I used Blue card stock paper instead of the blue terry cloth fabric which made the project soooooo easy!

Blue, Brown, Black, and White Card Stock Paper
Hot Glue Gun
Dark Brown Crayon
Black Fine Sharpie Marker
Various sized circles to trace ( I used tupperware, spice containers, and a marker top)

I built a sample template and then used it to the trace the rest.

1. Trace a large sized circle onto your Blue card stock and cut it out. Once cut, fold it in half.
f you are mailing these you would want to check that the circle will easily fit into an envelope when folded in half.

2. Trace two small circles onto your white card stock for the eyes and cut them out.

3. Trace a small circle onto each of your cut outs using the black Sharpie. Make sure to wipe whatever it is you are using to trace the pupil with before doing the second eye or you might get black smeared on the white eye.

4. Trace a slightly smaller circle than used in Step 1 onto the Black card stock for Cookie's mouth and cut it out. Once cut, fold it in half.

5. You can now mock assemble Cookie and make sure that the proportions look right. If they do - start an assembly line and make 1 blue, 1 black, 2 white for each Cookie Invite that you need.

6. I used a hot glue gun to assemble the invites but would imagine you could use any adhesive of your choice!

7. I then took to the computer and used Power Point to make the actual cookies with all of the party details. Basically - it is 2 circles with your choice of wording. I printed out a sample - made sure it was the correct size and then printed on my brown card stock. Cut these 'cookies' out and add some chocolate chips using a brown crayon!

This could easily be used for Elmo - with maybe Goldfish instead of cookie for Dorothy or any of the other characters!

The pic is a little grainy since I needed to blur out some of our info! But it was very well received! Little Man's cousin actually refused to let it go and took Cookie to bed with him!

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