Saturday, June 29, 2013

Fashion Find: Printed Shorts for $10!!!!

Apologies on my absence... It has been a crazy summer and I imagine that's not gonna change! I've decided to take some of the stress off of myself and only do 3 posts a week. One DIY, one recipe, and one 'other' post such as a fashion find like I am doing today!

So I was lucky enough to have some totally free mommy time and I decided to pop into Old Navy among some other errands I completed. Since I was kid free it was the perfect time to actually try on some clothes! And look at these ADORABLE shorts I found... For $10 but originally $22.94!!! And don't get me started on their perfect v neck tees for $5... And the best dressy tee I've found in ages for $10 too! So if you need to refresh your summer wardrobe on the cheap go check Old Navy out!

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