Thursday, January 8, 2015

And just like that I'm back! Hello 2015!

Man - it's amazing how a little break can turn into a big break. But just like rising a horse you never forget how to ride and I'm ecstatic to be back in the saddle again!

It's certainly been a busy year since I last wrote! The kids have grown, my relationships have grown, my side biz has grown, and my DIY list has grown, and I've grown! One of the things that I've learned though is I do actually miss having this blog as an outlet. I've still been active on social media and I love that but this is different. This is all me in a totally judgement free place. So you'll be seeing lots more of me right here over the next 350+ days!

Since it is a new year after all - it's time for me to start thinking about goals, what I want to accomplish this year and what I need to learn to put on the back burner (that is a hard one for me!) For some reason - twice in the last few days I have seen or heard this idea of having a core word for 2015. So I'm taking that as a sign that God and the universe is really curious what my focus will be for this year.

 the amazing Lara Casey - if you need some help with goals check her out!

Looking back on 2014 - one of the big learnings I had is that it is okay to say NO and that it is essential to my sanity to practice this principle ALOT. I have by no means perfected the art but it is a work in progress. Even harder than the actual process of saying no is the feelings that come after it for me. Guilt mainly - because I hate to think that someone was counting on me and I let them down. But there are only 24 hours in a day and 7 days in a week and I need to do what is right for me and my family.

So the words started coming: intentional, balance, boundary, brave, unsettle, change, happy, believe, focus, engage, content, create, inspire, joy, clarity, appreciate, patience, move, purpose, present, stretch, dream, thrive, commit, health, action, passion, trust, dedicate.

No surprise that I'm still working and thinking. My perfectionist mind knows that the perfect word is out there and I can't settle until I've found it and then the fun begins!

XO - Nikki

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