Friday, November 9, 2012

We have a new house!!! Just kidding....

Here I am another week passed and no blog posts! It makes me sad but I have come to grips with the fact that something had to give....

So what has happened since we last chatted? We took a quickie road trip to our new city, found an incredible house (that was way too big for us, but had the most beautiful hand scraped wood floors and built ins), had an accepted offer on the house, had a counter back on the house, a six hour car ride home with some very unhappy kids (thanks to missed naps to sign papers since we had an accepted offer), and then we decided against the house as it was starting to feel quite like a bait and switch..... in addition to inspections, moving plans, and general life. I literally wake up each morning and have no clue what day it is!

But I am taking a step back and enjoying this all! And unfortunately, blogging is taking a very back burner but it makes me a little less stressed having one less thing on my plate.

On the positive side, I see LOTS of design DIY in the very near future on our new house.... once we find it that is!

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  1. This IS a stressful time, but it is a little bit fun. I love all the dreaming and planning that comes with this process. Good luck!