Sunday, November 18, 2012

A big week coming up...

We only know how to do things at one speed..... SUPER FAST! So tomorrow, the movers are coming and packing up the first house that the hubby and I purchased together and the only house that either of our kids have ever know. Then on Tuesday our stuff will be loaded up and shipped off to our new city!

It's very overwhelming but luckily it's happening so fast that I am not having a chance to get too sentimental. I do have plans to spend the next couple of weeks doing room by room tours on the blog of our now old house. We had some professional pictures done for the marketing of the house so it works out great to get one last view of everything!

And what then? Well, we found a house and I am beyond excited!!! So excited that in 3 short weeks, I will be decking the halls of our beautiful new home with garland and a Christmas Tree and..... I could go on forever!

In the meantime,  best return to this:

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