Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Post Labor Day Blues?

I saw this amazing post on a friend and business partner's blog and just had to share.... it rings so true to me as I spent today with my littles, organizing a Mommy & Me Arts and Crafts Co-op at our church, still trying to master my Master bedroom, a quick trip to Target and the gym, and doing a little bit of 'work' in the 30 minutes that the kids actually napped today. And now as I sit here in the silence (it is 7:40 and the kids have been asleep for 30+ minutes and hubby is still at work) I realize just how lucky I am. I did not wake up today and dread another week of work - I can finally say that I am right where I need to be and loving every minute of it :)

xo - from this blog writin, craft lovin, fabric obsessin, young lookin, shopaholic, biz ownin, wifey and mommy of 2 :)

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