Friday, August 30, 2013

Third time is a charm! Parson Desk Hack!

It's been a busy summer and I am so excited to be back at it with a little bit of down time while Little Man enjoys some time at school! So I thought I would kick off the holiday weekend with a fun and easy DIY that I procrastinated on for the WHOLE summer! I am linking up at Serenity Now :)

You might remember this entertainment center from our old house. It got replaced by the coral dresser because we cut cable and had nothing to fill up all the nooks (and because it was pretty bulky!)

It lived in our new play room for a bit as an entertainment center (aka - toy storage unit) but I hated that it was open and you could see all the clutter. So I was about to put it on Craig's List when I had a better idea... why not hack it and make the Parson's desk/table that I was stalking the internet for? But time got away from me and I decided that a quick fix was a better option so I flipped it over and made it into a window seat using the top portion of an ottoman that was in storage.

Well, I finally decided to work on the hack and wouldn't you know it took me all of 5 minutes to finish it? I was so kicking myself that I waited all this time to do it! And look at how cute it is! There are no pictures because all I did was unscrew everything but the top and three sides. So let this be a lesson to you that - A. Just do it! I spent longer thinking about this than it actually took to finish it and B. Keep your eye out for pieces that you might be able to hack into something you really love!

PS - More info on some of the other changes coming next week!

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  1. ummm...yeah...that may be the cutest, easiest, and quickest change ever! I like the ottomans underneath too!